When Did You Stand Last Time On Top of Mount Stupid? 🏔

💡 It happens to all of us. Sometimes we overestimate our own competence and skills and notice only when we dig deeper into the topic that there is much more to consider than we thought.

🔎 Remember the covid time? Everybody was a virus expert and knew exactly what to do and how to react. But some people work for decades with viruses, while others just read some articles and opinions.

❄ This effect is called Dunning-Kruger-Effect. It makes us aware of our own blind spots. It is mostly invisible to those experiencing it, it requires taking a step back to realize that your own self-assessments are largely biased and perhaps incorrect.

❓ Why does it matter for companies?

▶ Companies recruiting people who seem confident but are not fulfilling their job

▶ People with limited skills and knowledge gain promotions, while others with more expertise do not

▶ Leads to wrong decisions

What was your last Mount Stupid?

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